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Bryan Mcrea -- “Sudarshana”

Bryan Mcrea - Sudarshana

For over 40 years I have practiced and studied Vedic culture. In 1975. i accepted initiation into authentic Vedic spiritual line, taking the name Sudarshana, which is translated as: “Universal Illumination.” I have traveled extensively through India, learning mystic ritual and the reading life patterns/astrological charts for many thousands of people. I draw upon my rich life experiences, studies and travels, giving lectures, discourses and consultations on Hindu ritual, Fire Puja and Mantras, invoking the Gods by Mystical method. I have complimented my knowledge of the east by studying Western Astrology, Bhakt, Yoga, Sansrit and most recently Taoist Chi Gung.


My Life Mission:

To impart information according to your astrological patterns and to help you attain your highest destiny.