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The most ancient wisdom in the world is contained in Vedic literature which is over years old. Vedic Astrology, which is known as Jyotish, is a branch of the Vedas which accurately uncovers your soul's path and karmic destiny. Astrology is the language of time and destiny and is known as the illuminating eye of the Vedas.


The Reader

Lord Ganesha

Sudarshana specializes in:

  • Choosing a time for marriage or other special events
  • Assessing compatibility for marriage
  • Prasna (questions regarding important activities in your life)


Astrological Services

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Natal Chart

We will provide a comprehensive interpretation of your horoscope. Your personal strengths and weaknesses will be illuminated in regards to career, personal relationships and karmic patterns and lessons.

DASAS/Planetary Periods

Jyotish has the unique feature of revealing how the planets affect your life at different periods of time. Methods have been handed down from ancient seers to determine which planets will exert dominate influence at certain times in your life. When you understand the planetary period you're in, you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly, therefore increasing your happiness.

Vargas Harmonic charts

There are 16 vargas or harmonic charts. Each chart provides specific information regarding finer aspects of the individual. For example: the Hora chart deals with money, the Drekkena with success through one's own efforts and the Dwadasamsa chart with past life, the subconscious and hereditary karma. These charts show your auric field and your potential for accessing subtle personal power.